Revolutionizing the Creator Economy
What is Minxie? Minxie uses decentralized, Web3 technology to empower Creators and remove obstacles between them and getting paid. It is an all-in-one solution to create, distribute and monetize digital content and NFTs. No banks or payment processors are required — just a crypto wallet and passion to create the content they want.
We have built the best Web3 platform for the Creator economy, fully integrating it into the blockchain and always keeping the safety of our creators and customers as our first priority. We enable Creators to focus on building and monetizing their community while leveraging blockchain integrations to give financial control back to the creators.
How is Minxie different?
Minxie is a platform built from the bottom up around a true authentic community, and its incentives are aligned with Creators getting the most for their content. It is an all-in-one solution that provides content Creators with a plug-and-play way to get paid for producing great content, as well as built-in infrastructure to address discoverability, payment and IP issues that currently provide major pain points for Creators.
One unique opportunity will be the ability to create and sell or lease individual NFTs to fans, allowing Creators the ability to be treated as such — an artist, a muse, an inspiration.
Minxie provides Creators with more ways to directly monetize while also giving them better discoverability features (live streaming, tipping, one-on-one communication, messaging) we create a self-sustaining ecosystem for Creators to spend valuable time creating content instead of marketing across multiple platforms.
With Minxie, content Creators are in control of what they publish and how it is monetized, both in the short and long term. Due to the intrinsic advantages of blockchain infrastructure and the smart contracts used, Minxie also offers lower fees as compared to the existing non-blockchain-based competition.



$MINX is the governance token of the Minxie Platform that is designed to reward active participation in setting and maintaining standards, and adding security to the platform. $MINX will be non-transferable and awarded to Creators who have signed up to our Platform and went through the necessary KYC requirements. Learn More



$GOOD is the transactional token of the Minxie Platform that is designed to serve as a vehicle for all engagement between the Creators and their supporters and is programmed to be non-volatile, providing both Creators and their followers with confidence and security of their transaction. Learn More



Content Creators will have the option to mint their content into NFTs, which users can buy, sell, and trade on a Decentralized Marketplace. Users will also be able to mint and collect our custom-made unique NFTs, which offer a range of unique benefits, including IRL memberships, platform access, and a drop of our $GOOD Tokens. Learn More


Privacy 🔒

No personal user information will ever be collected, stored, or accessed by the Minxie Team, since all Accounts on the Minxie Platform will instead log in via their crypto wallets using Web3 Technology, as well as our third-party KYC providers.


Creator Friendly 🎨 Minxie offers a wide array of attributes that our competitors do not (and cannot) offer due to the unique blockchain-based infrastructure of the Minxie Platform, - all for the benefit of our Minxie Creators. Such attributes include platform governance, NFT design and development assistance, and timely payouts unburdened by the restrictions of the payment processors, as well as low fees, and the ability to obtain recurring and accumulative revenue, along with many other perks offered by the Minxie Platform.
Blockchain Infrastructure
The Minxie Platform is built leveraging blockchain technology. Why is this important? For our Content Creators this is vital because there's no need for a traditional bank account. Most banks and payment processing companies discriminate against content creators due to outdated policies they have in place. As a Creator on our Minxie Platform, you'll never have to worry about freezes and delays associated with your (or our) bank account or payment processor. Learn More

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